Centre for Global Socio-Economic Change


Big data veroorzaakt een omwenteling in de sociale en economische wetenschappen

Mainstream sociale en economische modellen hebben een hogere realiteitsgehalte nodig om een betrouwbaar beeld te geven van het heden en de toekomst. Dat kunnen we realiseren door gebruik te maken van big data technologie.

CFGSEC foresees a revolution in the social and economic sciences

Use of big data technology in social and economic sciences will lead to ‘exponential policies’. Exponential policies, supported by exponential technologies, will bring us closer to the realization of CFGSEC’s dream: ‘Prosperity for All’.

CFGSEC’s Dream in a Nutshell

Super-sensing, big data analytics and closed-loop forecasting enable us to solve the big social, economic and environmental problems mankind is facing today. Ultimately, this holistic approach will allow us to create prosperity for all. 

European Digital Refugee Platform

The asylum policy in the EU must be more intelligent and less naïve. By putting this policy change into practice, the EU member states can enforce a humane system that gives displaced people a new future and keeps terrorists out of Europe.

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