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Professor Berkhout is founder of the science-industry research program Delphi, now being financed by a consortium of thirty international geo-energy companies. In 2015 he founded, together with TNO, the Center for Global Socio-Economic Change (CFGSEC).

He is also co-founder (2019) of the Climate Intelligence Foundation (CLINTEL) and initiator/coordinator of the World Climate Declaration (WCD). The signatories of this Declaration (800+) represent a wide range of knowledge, urgently needed in understanding climate change. They are in the process of establishing a Global Climate Intelligence Group (Global CLINTEL Group) to implement the CIM concepts in climate science.

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The mission of the Delphi Consortium is to develop big data breakthroughs in the geo-imaging technology for the geo-energy industry. In addition, DELPHI imaging technology collects information about the geological archive.Today, the Delphi research program is financed by ca. 30 international companies.

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The slogan ‘Bringing Knowledge to the World’ expresses the ideal on which Speakers Academy is founded, namely to improve the communication of knowledge and insights between people, companies and governments.

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